Advice to Live By

We have hundreds of clients who have secured rewarding jobs after participating in the Fifty+ program. They have some great advice they’d like to share with you.

Learn how to introduce yourself confidently and be able to back it up with skills and enthusiasm.

Even when you feel at your lowest, don’t stay at home. It’s better to get out and meet people because you never know who you might meet or what can happen.

Research companies and industries where you want to work or where you have interest.

Volunteer to gain experience and build up skills that can lead to a job. You will be able to experience what it is like in a certain field and whether it is something that you want to pursue.

Use LinkedIn for job search and networking.

Take as many computer classes offered and practice. Computer skills are a necessity.

Once you get an interview, give yourself a pat on the back, because you have made an impression!

I think it is very important to sharpen your skills and network, and temping is a great way to test the water and get your confidence back.

Keep an open mind. Wherever you are guided it might be the right place.