When you need to fill a position, you need candidates. Yesterday.

You’ve got limited time to sift through the hundreds of resumes you’ve received through Craigslist and to find the few that are actually qualified. You want someone who can hit the ground running, who doesn’t require training and who can easily fit into your team.

You need a free service that can make your hiring process fast and tailored to your needs. We can help.

Contact Roxana Guzman to get your recruitment started: 415-479-9922 or rguzman@yourywca.org

What We Do

The YWCA’s Fifty+ Program offers businesses and jobseekers a way to connect new opportunities with talent.

Our program offers employers access to a pool of talent with up-to-date skills. We work with employers to understand the requirements of the position and will screen and prepare candidates before they meet employers. Many new candidates join our employment pool every month.

After participating in specialized training, Fifty+ women are ready for encore careers at a variety of local businesses. By building and refining skills required in the modern workplace, we empower these women to achieve confidence, dignity and economic freedom through employment.

Supporting Marin’s businesses. Getting mature women back to work. The Fifty+ Program is here for you. To get started contact Roxana Guzmanat 415-479-9922 or rguzman@yourywca.org

Our Myth-Busting Data

The Age Myth

Older employees are rigid in their work processes and harder to manage.

Reality: Older employees are organized1, reliable2 and loyal3. The women who come through our program already show their adaptability by investing in retraining in technology and workplace success skills. Coupled with their experience, Fifty+ women are valuable employees.

The Healthcare Cost Myth

High healthcare costs increase the burden for a workplace.

Reality: According to research by the Sloan Center on Aging and Work4, younger workers are more likely to utilize health services and typically drive costs higher relative to older peers. Moreover, financial analyses show that workers fifty-years-old and older are more likely to carry individual or two-person plans rather than family plans.

The Salary Myth

Older employees command (and expect) incredibly high salaries.

Reality: Many of our Fifty+ women are seeking encore employment at market rates in order to discover new opportunities, transition to a new role that they have always wanted to explore and stay involved with their community.

The Conflict Myth

Older employees can’t get along with younger ones.

Reality: Forbes magazine5 has said that multigenerational workplaces have an overall positive effect on business culture, often increasing productivity and employee retention. Mature women are seen as a stabilizing force and help set the tone for the rest of the team.